Conditions for Using the Jungliwin Webpage and Notifications Regarding Associated Risks

Before becoming an active, registered user of, the User must read, concur with, and accept all of the T&C included in this Agreement without alteration, including those T&C expressly set forth herein and those incorporated by reference. 

The “I’m at least 18 years old and accept with Terms of use and Privacy policy” checkbox signifies to that you have read and agreed to the T&C, and when you click it, this Agreement becomes effective. 

You also confirm that you accept these Terms and Conditions by using the Internet site. All Services offered through mobile devices, including downloaded applications, shall likewise be subject to this Agreement. All references to using the Webpage are to be understood as references to using the mobile-friendly versions of their services.

Conditions for Using the Jungliwin Webpage and Notifications Regarding Associated Risks

User Responsibilities and Account Usage

When using the Jungliwin webpage you must adhere to the following rules: 

  1. Users are not allowed to buy or sell accounts from or to other Users, or to pledge, transfer, or otherwise acquire them. Only the account from which they were placed may receive funds.
  2. Only natural individuals with one account are accepted as Users by Casbit Group N.V. An account on the internet site cannot be opened or maintained by a legal organization or corporate body.
  3. The material that the User entrusts to us will be treated as highly sensitive details in accordance with their Privacy Policy.
  4. The User shall not regard Casbit Group N.V. as an institution of finance and shall not anticipate receiving interest on any deposits.
  5. The User should notify Casbit Group N.V. promptly of any erroneous credit to the User’s Account. Any prizes and monies that the User unintentionally receives are void, regardless of how they were acquired.
  6. In the event that the User engages in misconduct, Casbit Group N.V. is authorized to immediately terminate the Agreement with the User and bar him or her from using the Internet site going forward. Additionally, they have the right to halt and end ongoing operations, block the User or the User’s Account with or without prior warning, and hold the User’s credit and any prizes obtained via misbehavior until the matter is resolved.
  7. Any indication of fraud, manipulation, cash-back arbitrage, or other dishonest or fraudulent activity that served as the justification for awarding a bonus, prize, jackpot, or other winning to the User will result in the annulment of that User’s account, along with any and all gains or losses realized.

Dormant Account

A “Dormant Account” is one that has not been used by the user for betting or gaming, making a deposit, withdrawal, or transfer, or if the user has not used it in any other way for at least six consecutive calendar months. 

As long as the balance of the User’s Account is positive and the User’s Account is regarded to be inactive, Jungliwin retains the right to charge the inactive Account a monthly administrative fee of 10 USD (Dormant Account Fee). When a user’s account is turned into a dormant account, Jungliwin will notify the user. In the month that follows the day on which the user’s account is declared to be dormant, the user authorizes Jungliwin to debit the dormant account fee from the user’s account.